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Speccy is a free download that scans Microsoft Windows PC devices to provide people with information about the hardware. The Piriform LTD team developed and published Speccy along with Defraggler, Recuva, and CCleaner. The advanced system information utility software provides concise technical overviews and thorough evaluations about the CPU, graphics cards, motherboard, RAM, etc. These utilities enable the Speccy community to make informed purchasing and upgrading arrangements.

Is Speccy free?

There are versions of the safe and handy application: the free and purchasable models. When people buy the professional title, then they receive automatic updates and premium support from the help center. Both of the options are available on the Windows system in either 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

What does Speccy do?

The Speccy download offers consumers detailed analyses of their computer hard drives. The app allows users to better understand and support their electronic equipment by monitoring the actual temperatures of each of the hardware. When machines are overheated, then an easy concept to cool the device down is to clean unnecessary applications, downloads, and text files from the storage.

After the program is installed on the desktop, open the framework to evaluate the user interface. ‘Audio’, ‘CPU’, ‘Graphics’, ‘Motherboard’, ‘Network’, ‘Optical Drives’, ‘Operating System’, ‘Peripherals’, ‘RAM’, ‘Storage’, and ‘Summary’ are within the panel to the left.

How do you use Speccy?

The ‘Summary’ tab displays the scan results of the system utilities in a succinct manner. The temperature of each of the components is next to the title of the hard disks, which is helpful to check and maintain the hardware. Within the ‘Summary’ section, people can click on the individual utility names to access more detailed information. Additionally, all of the terms are within the left column.

A complete evaluation is located within the individual sections for each of the computer memory structures. Within the ‘Operating System’ category, the Speccy community can easily obtain their bit capacity, serial number, etc. Navigate to the ‘CPU’ section to gather data on the cores, bus speed, etc.

How much RAM do I have?

The Speccy assessment determines whether there are available slots within the ‘RAM’; this is useful if consumers are considering adding new parts to their PC.

To see if there is free space to upgrade, click on ‘RAM’ and locate ‘Memory slots’. There are the total, used, and free memory spaces displayed; the number next to ‘Free memory slots’ will direct users to their recommended decision of adding new hard disks onto their devices or not. The ‘Motherboard’ tab permits people to see the BIOS, model, PCI, and voltage information.

Graphics’ will display data about the different monitors that are connected to the current graphics card. In-depth information like the VRAM is included in this area. The ‘Storage’ section provides all the information about the hard drive, including the S.M.A.R.T. status attributes, which will give health conclusions to the user. Within this arena, people can comprehensively learn about their machines’ benchmarks.

Optical Drives’ will showcase any disk drives associated with the PC. ‘Audio’ will present any sound cards, playback, and recording devices. Within this audio support tab, the community can understand which speaker, microphones, and headsets are operating as the default instruments in case they prefer to change them to improve their user experience.

To comprehend all of the accessories, applications, and drivers, that are installed, visit the ‘Peripherals’ category. Within the ‘Network’ tab, find what type of internet connection the device has along with the IP address, etc. Within the upper menu bar, click on ‘File’ to view different components in Speccy. To easily send specs to people, consumers can load and save snapshots within the dropdown list.

Similar products

AIDA64, Belarc, Core Temp, CPU-Z, HWiNFO, and MSI Afterburner are alternative applications to Speccy. BelArc, Core Temp, CPU Z, HWinfo, and MSI Afterburner are freeware. Aida64 is purchasable and offers a free trial to test the product first.

A lightweight PC evaluation tool

The easy to operate user interface allows people to acknowledge the health of the machine, which apps are installed, the temperature of each hard disk, etc. The relevant system utility is available for free or as a purchasable version that includes the XML, text export, auto-update, and priority email features.

The Piriform business team collaborates on releases for consumers. While people that have bought the pro variant receive routine updates, the community members that access the free version need to monitor the site for new updates.


  • Intuitive UI
  • Lightweight
  • Detailed specs
  • Concise information
  • Temperature gauge


  • Only available on Windows OS

Older versions

User reviews about Speccy

  • Stefan Chiluti

    by Stefan Chiluti

    One of the best program what i found in the last days softonic is the best heat the road softonic

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    One and the Only.
    Best "one and the only"this tells you everything you need to know and its easy to use.
    Pros: It tells  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    This app displays all the necessary information about your PC in a novice-friendly manner. Just like what CCleaner does with cleaning  More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    One and only.
    Great! Displays all the necessary info. Works in a very simple manner. This is a much better way to learn about the PC you have th More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    more info than you would ever need.
    great program,provides more info than you would ever need,and its free.not to mention that theres a no insta More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I have paid for this software from (Original SoftwareOwners).
    I love this software, It is very easy to use, extremely intuitive. I  More


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